Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Voice of Mojácar

Here's a picture of Mojácar (Almería) taken from below. On the other side, the pueblo overlooks the sea. Fantastic. Do yourself a favour - click on the picture!
There is a new trade association called 'The Voice of Mojacar' which argues that the town hall fails to promote our area and this is why business is down, tourism is quiet and property sales are in the doldrums. The association can't understand why more people don't come here to visit or to live.
Frankly, neither can I.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lenox, If the estate agents dressed as Indians, and the builders, cowboys, they may draw in the crowds normally see at mini Hollywood?

Perhaps get Helen and Len Prior as Sheriff and deputy sheriff?


craftyani said...

The voice of Mojacar – is that a British Association or Spanish or perhaps both?
If is it British perhaps try asking the Spanish what they think of the situation.
Of course business is down and property is no longer selling but that just isn’t Mojacar it is worldwide. People haven’t got the money or if they have they want to keep it probably under the mattress.
I say enjoy Mojacar while it is quiet.