Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Red Flag, Blue Flag, Where Will It End?

 Mojacar is to choose - from a very peculiar selection of three - a new flag to flutter in the wind during the blowy days of the levante, or to hang limply when it's just too hot for Boreas to pucker his lips, or to be lowered (in the far-flung future) when the ruling PP is finally routed. 

The three choices are hideous. Sorry, but they are. All three employ a combo of light blue and yellow (which will fade instantly in the sun), and all three have a Mojácar shield (un escudo) which, while fine enough as it is, with its two-headed vulture and the message 'Llave y Amparo del Reino de Granada' (The Key and Protection of the Kingdom of Granada - it's a long story which dates back to 1497), won't look quite the same when reversed, or, if you prefer, seen from the other side

The three choices for the flag, we read, are not arbitrary. '...For this reason, a study has been prepared, carried out by experts in the field: specialists in heraldry, vexillology (it means, 'the study of flags') and genealogy who, after their work, have offered three options that are now put to a vote among the citizens'.

Those wishing to vote for one of the three choices have until November 28th to do so, by contacting the Councillor for Culture Raquel Belmonte says El Diario de Almería here. You can see the three alternatives on the link. They all use the diagonal blue and yellow (the choice of these colours is obscure), all have the heraldic shield, but there's one with an added Indalo in the corner.

Another plan for the town is an anthem. I'm not kidding. We shall have to take off our hats and stand when the music starts. While voting for this hasn't got under way yet, here's my suggestion: 

'Ho, Ho, Mojácar and Ho! 

The purtiest town I ever did know, 

There's no place that's like it wherever you go, 

With three thousand souvenir shops and money to blow'.  

Hey, Hey, Mojácar and Hey!

I think of you often when I am away

Your flag and your anthem are things that I say

Will never be bested in many a day.

Hi, Hi, Mojácar and Hi!

The neighbours are jealous, I hear them sigh

They want a few hotels, your lift to the sky

Your sweet little beach-bars and this lullaby.

Hoo, Hoo, Mojácar and Hoo!

The secretive town that’s known to a few.

The car-loads of tourists, if only you knew

Are here for your treasures, your sunshine and you.

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