Sunday, November 08, 2020

Confinement in Andalucía (For Brits Too)

 The new rules for Andalucía seem simple enough - from this Tuesday 10th November (00h) until Monday 23rd November (24h), the anti-Covid rules from the Government in Seville are as follows:

1. Andalucía is cordoned off.

2.Your municipality is cordoned off.

3. The curfew is 22h (10.00pm) until 07h (7.00am). 

4. All non-essential businesses: bars, shops, restaurants, shoe-shiners and candlestick makers, are closed to the public from 18h (6.00pm). 

5. Granada is closed down tight. 

The first thing that the British attempt to do (if we are to believe what we see on Facebook) is to try and find a way around these rules. How about if I just go to the border of my municipality and then slip across wearing a black hood? The supermarket in the town down the road has a kind of cheese I like, will I be able to get it still? What about if I'm in the bar when it closes but haven't finished my bottle of wine (and so on)? 

The next thing the Brits do is to say how stupid the rules are - why do they think you can't catch coronavirus in a bar before six in the evening, they ask. 

The rules are there to fulfil two purposes. The first (and most important) is to try and lower the rate of infection because the hospitals can't cope. The second is, (yes, of course) to show that the politicians are listening to the epidemiologists and other experts and are trying to head off a crisis they don't fully understand. The best we can do is to wear our face-masks and try and get through this, because it's better to protect our health before our wallets.

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