Saturday, February 02, 2008

Tell me about Democracy

It was a few years ago now when the Algerian elections were won by a group of fundamentalist Muslims called the FIS. The Algerian government was shocked that these hardliners could have won the elections and immediately vetoed the result. In this, they were supported by NATO and other organisations and governments. Good thing perhaps?
In Spain, two radical communist nationalist parties in the Basque Country, who support ETA’s vile activities, are on the brink of being declared illegal, following the road taken by the Batasuna party.
In Europe, now validated by the new European Treaty (the old European Constitution under another name), displaced Europeans cannot vote in the regional or national elections of their country of residence. Or in national referenda. In Spain, there are a million of us: disenfranchised by Brussels.
Also in Spain, the Constitutional court has confirmed the Government’s ruling to put quotas in all political party-lists, with 40% minimum of any one sex. It’s called the law of Equality. Luckily, thanks to the same government, one can now change one's sex legally without having to drop by the doctor's.
Democracy – one man one vote?


ulaca said...

The region must have gone mad after Almeria rolled over the Galacticos.

Lenox said...

Indeed yes!