Monday, January 24, 2022

One Day, Somebody will Publish These Essays as a Book

I've been fixing some of my favourite stories and have posted them here. One day, maybe somebody will publish these things as a book. Judging by those volumes that friends have completed along the way, sales won't be brisk. One book co-authored by my late wife Barbara, along with a riding instructress and a physiotherapist, had such a small run, maybe ten copies, that one day a great-grandchild of mine will become wealthy from selling the last existing copy at Bonhams.

Selling books is about marketing. The publisher wants the author to agree to a minimum of three books, and also to give a talk or two, and a few book-signings.

But who cares. I write these things because they are fun, and maybe readers can learn a bit about Spain as they thunder through the collected works of L Napier, your servant. 

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