Friday, September 29, 2017

Bucket and Spade Tourism

If you were wondering why the Mojácar authorities behave the way they do, then maybe La Voz de Almería has the answer here:
'The Spanish Federation of Large Families today presents the Municipal Council of Mojácar with the Seal of Family Tourism for "the excellence of its equipment and services, which meet the expectations derived from the family trip" which makes it the first Andalusian municipality to have the certificate.
Mojácar is a municipality that has already defined a tourism strategy for development and specialization in family tourism through programs and activities focused on tourism with children highlighting the wide variety of cultural activities and nature oriented family leisure activities promoted by the Municipality of Mojácar...'.
Mojácar's business model is about filling the hotels (including those wonderful all-inclusive ones) and sending customers hotfoot to the souvenir shops.
You see, residents don't stay in hotels, or of course buy souvenirs...

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