Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Warm Mediterranean Sea

There we are - either me or my son on the playa a few days ago. With dog.
There's talk on the forums about whether one should wait another year or two before buying a house in Spain and moving out here to live. Perhaps the prices will fall a bit more.
Well, perhaps they will. However, are you going to stay another couple of years living in the UK, with all those amusing things going on there - thirteen year old fathers (worth a million quid), Big Brother (both the George Orwell version and the dreadful TV show), a finance minister called 'Darling' and... well... the food! Come on now. Seriously!
Another couple of winters? I've seen the weather forecasts on the telly. I know what you're going through. The best houses over here are going to be snapped up while you're still wondering if you'll still have the energy left in a few years to dig yourself out with your snow-shovel and escape to the sun.

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