Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pepe Takes The Trufibar

Pepe (Carlos I and El Salmonete) has taken on The Trufibar, the large place on Mojácar beach (opp. the Lopez nuts and bolts shop) popular with the local residents. There was an opening bash last Thursday with live flamenco, dancers, bagpipes (thanks Jim) booze and eats. That's Julio with the pinchitos.
Perhaps I saw you there.
The Trufibar is a special place to go to (like a precious few other places here) because it's a bar for the residents. The tourists never seem to find it. There's a bar on the street with a few outside tables, a larger and smarter bar with tables for dining in the centre part and a large beach-bar terrace with sea-views and plenty of sand. Booze, eat or chill out! Pepe will have Flamenco evenings (he sings, too) and various other live acts, probably Fridays and Saturdays, he says. There's a cheap n' cheerful menu (most plates at 8 euros). Luisa also makes her famous tortillas.

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