Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Trying to take a bullfighting picture

I went to the bullfight last Saturday - a jolly event in a temporary bull-ring set up on the beach. A rejoneador (pictured here having a well-deserved drink) and two bull-fighters going through their paces. It varied from everyone involved having fun to the usual gruesome endings. The crowd seemed appreciative enough of a fairly middle-rate show and insisted on the presidencia handing out a steady stream of ears.
The worst thing that a budding photographer like me had to deal with was not being able to see the little screen on the back of the camera because of the bright sunlight and therefore being obliged to 'point in the general direction'.
Really, this was the best shot!
Ric Polansky kindly sent me some pictures of the same event. Very good pictures at that. See them on http://www.torosbravos.es/
Well, c'mon, it beats football!

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