Thursday, May 10, 2007

No Comprendo

Mojacar's strange rush towards the town hall continues. Soon, the high-electioneering period begins where the posters will be literally stuck to everything, wall, tree, door, truck and stone. They will all say 'Vota por so-and-so' and will have some clever slogan under the candidate's grinning phizzog. 'This Time it's Us' or ''For a New Beginning' or 'Please Leave your Money under the Table'.
No doubt crookedly inclined voters will vote for crookedly inclined parties.
There are other concerns.
Of the 'European' vote, one party has no less than twelve 'foreign' names on their list - almost all Brits. However - none of them speak Spanish. How are they going to vote in the town hall meetings? How are they going to work up there at all? Yes, we need 'Europeans' in the ayuntamiento, to be able to speak English to the public, but they will need to speak Spanish as well to be of any use.
I don't think in a modern Spanish town with half the population being British a 'no comprendo' is going to be of much use in the town hall.

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