Monday, August 06, 2018

It Ain't What You Do, It's the Way That You Do It

Lenox Napier, the tone-deaf writer from Spanish Shilling, has received special recognition this week from a Tibetan reader was has honoured the scribbler by awarding him with the prestigious Cringing Wowser award, a rare distinction which has only been given to one other person so far - Walt Disney's nurse Ethel.
'This is for all my readers', said Napier nervously, holding the small award between his fingers, 'and is no doubt down to my time working in the feminist movements, making sure that they are written about with sensitivity in my various books, including "My Time as a Double Glazer" and "Charity Begins at Home"'.
Pressed to say more and help fill out the article, Napier added, 'It goes back to my years with "Six Toes", an association which helped Buddhist mathematicians living in the Orkney Islands with their homework'.
'I once found a woman on my doorstep, and sent her home', says Napier, 83, as he tried to swap the award in the local nick-nack shop for its monetary value.

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