Monday, January 04, 2010

Whoops: Early New Year Prank

Well, we were all enormously excited when the New Year rang in and our very own Mr Zapatero became president, no, I mean ¡presidente! of the entire 27 countries of the European Union. Long may his reign... I'm so sorry. Six months apparently.
Is it long enough for King Zap to fix the faltering European economy, which, er, apparently is now only faltering in Spain and Latvia. Or was it Lithuania. One of those.
Here's a jolly picture of the official front page of the Presidencia Española website:
Looks like they confused Mr Hasbeen with Mr Bean.
Best joke of all: they apparently spent 11,9 million euros in security for this website. Tell that to the hackers!

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant Lenox, where do you find them?