Thursday, January 01, 2009

Strange Pink Buttons

...and a happy new year. ¡Feliz año nuevo!
I'm still in Madrid and have been working here with a small portable PC which a friend has kindly lent me for the duration. The 'portatil' is painted an attractive shade of pink and is decorated with flowers. It has a few - uh - quirks which occasionally send me mad, but we more or less get along. Because, for some reason, it has what 'techies' (frikis in Spanish) refer to as 'open software' - which means it doesn't use Bill Gates' products - I am sometimes presented with odd little things which weren't quite what I expected. I know, a bad workman blames his tools...
Of course if I was clever, I could write my own software and add it to the program (Ubuntu, for those in the know).
In other words, I'll sort out the links in the entry below when I get home...

Later: Now home. Villanous virus on my home PC (thanks to junior family member). However... office computer still works... Links fixed below!

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