Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Scientists are actively culling the Spanish Lynx

From Iberica 2000.
After 15 years of investigations, experts in knowing what is happening to Spanish lynx have discovered that research biologists are killing lynxes, or at least they are allowing the lynxes to die! Spanish scientists are killing lynxes. They don't want the lynx population to increase. If it improved, they wouldn’t continue to earn so much money. Because the lynx would then be removed from the list of 'Critically Endangered Species'!
This is why, for 25 years, the lynx population hasn't improved but rather decreased! Upcoming reports at , written in Spanish, explain all the facts, the conclusions, and why and how are these mammals being killed, or being allowed to die, by those who, precisely, earn big amounts of euros from the European Union and Life funds and companies, to, supposedly, protect them. Those who investigate the lynx's scientists, have discovered deep connections between CSIC (the main scientific Spanish governmental corporation), political administrations and The Biological Station in Doñana (Estación Biológica de Doñana), and many connections with people and certain corporations.
So says Iberica2000, a respected ecological group (see their webpage with material in English and Spanish).

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