Sunday, August 03, 2008

Bédar (revisited)

It's got a bit smart up there, a bit chi-chi. Here's a picture of the town hall square. The old bar on the left, Paco's, has been closed for years and no longer exists. His dad used to speak a bit of English, I think he'd been working in Baltimore in the forties. To the right, the man on the ladder is putting up a sign (or fixing a light) over the old panadería which had a pressed metal souvenir from America inside as decoration - with Bobby and JFK and Martin Luther King.
Notice how the street has been improved.
But the main change in this picture is of course the ayuntamiento itself. It now occupies all the square to the left (with glass doors, already) and, yes, you are right: that is a digital illuminated sign which informs those that can read of forthcoming attractions.
Bédar, incidentally, is second in Spain in towns over 1000 inhabitants with foreigners, according to some article I read (and forgot) recently.


ed664 said...

Pedrno and at least 4 other Bedarenses worked in the textile mills of Patterson, NJ during the 20s.

ed664 said...

shoul read: Pedro Cano

Lenox said...

Long time ago...
He was an old man back in the sixties/seventies when I knew him. He had a small bar in the downstairs bit to start with, with iced lollies made out of some mix and an ice-cube box with a toothpick as a holder.
Much later, the son Pedro closed the bar for a while as he worked on the costa; he then couldn't get a licence to re-open.