Friday, January 11, 2008


The National Anthem

For years the tune never had any words. Duh duh, duh duh, di da da da... etc. Now, finally, the lyric to Spain's National Anthem has been written and approved.

¡Viva España!
Cantemos todos juntos
con distinta voz
y un solo corazón

¡Viva España!
desde los verdes valles
al inmenso mar,
un himno de hermandad

Ama a la Patria
pues sabe abrazar,
bajo su cielo azul,
pueblos en libertad

Gloria a los hijos
que a la Historia dan
justicia y grandeza
democracia y paz.

Plácido Domingo will introduce the hymn officially on January 21st.

Actually, no he won't. The lyrics have received such bad press that they have been retired and can now only be read on blog-sites like this one.

It's back to - Duh Duh, duh duh, di da...

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