Friday, May 04, 2007

Strange Candidates

There seems to be a lot of fuss about the transfugas - those politicians which change parties (usually causing the government to fall as there's not much point in doing it just for a laugh). Whether they do it for personal consideration or not I can leave to the Reader's judgement.
The correct thing to do if you find yourself in disagreement with your party is to resign and allow the next name on the party list to take over your position. After all, the fact that you are in the town hall as a councillor is because people voted for your proposals...
Of course, with the exception of Angel Medina, no one has left their post to 'go home' in living memory, and the entire province is full of 'transfugas' and betrayals as a result.
In Mojácar, of the seven transfugas currently in the town hall, six of them are on various party lists for this month's elections, and lead no less than three of them (PP, PDM and Levante Sostenible).
The PDM (Partido Democrático de Mojácar) in fact, is a good chunk of the current town hall under a new flag. The first three names on it being Gabriel Flores, Maria Asención Morales (both chucked from the PSOE) and, in third place, Jose Luis Cano (chucked from the PP). I can't see this group getting enough votes to put Maria Asención back into power - much less Jose Luis Cano! Or am I guilty of wishful thinking?
So - who is going to vote for a transfuga?
What is he expecting to get out of it?
A promise?

Later: I read (El Mundo 5 May 07) that the PDM has got its own Brit on the list (at number eleven!). Keith Bradley who had time the other day to offer this quote: '...(in the last twenty years) I had never seen a government as efficient as the one led by Gabriel Flores during the past two years'.

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cucomeloso said...

Anda tronco que se te ve el plumero, diles a tus queridos votantes ingleses las promociones de viviendas en las que tu líder Angel Medina, está metido. ¿Te cito una? ¿Te suena a algo la barriada de la Huertas? Lo de tu líder ya se sabía, mucho bombo y platillo con el jamón para volver a buscar el sillón. Más te vale no engañar más a los ingleses por el simple hecho de que lleves aquí mucho tiempo. Ojalá no llegues al sillón porque entre tus comentarios nos es que hagas de buen embajador de Mojácar como para ocupar dicho cargo.