Saturday, March 03, 2018

Huercal-Overa Celebrates its Union

Well, look at that. It turns out that the improbably named Huercal-Overa (it's in the top end of Almería, around 45 mins from Mojácar) used to be two villages called Huercal and - unsurprisingly - Overa. They joined forces 350 years ago to become the present town where Hacienda and Social Security and the local hospital and all other good things can be found.
I always thought that Huercal-Overa was an old Irish settlement with the Oldham apostrophe unaccountably missing.
Anyway, today Saturday 3rd of March is the anniversary. Before 1668, the two villages were merely part of the large municipality of Lorca, up the road in Murcia.
Come to think of it, without this union, we would have probably had our tax office in Vera.
And the hospital.

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