Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Sexist Toys

Spanish toys can be sexist - you know, little fire engines for boys and pink dolls for girls. This naturally can stymie their later intentions to mature naturally and easily into either hetero- or homo-sexuals.
You might think that the foregoing is ridiculous, but the 'Observatorio Andaluz de la Publicidad no Sexista del Instituto Andaluz de la Mujer' evidently doesn't - with its complaint (here) that an unacceptable number of children's adverts on the TV are offensive with a painfully exact 43.27% of ads being deemed 'sexist' and therefore inappropriate.
What, someone has been watching all the children's telly over the season  armed only with a red pen and a bottle of tequila?
According to the leader of this alarming group, 'these toys reflect in a very clear way the gender stereotypes that are inculcated on impressionable children and young people, without any consideration of the impact they might have on the conduct of the future adult'.
The next ludicrous campaign, to be seen in a few days, is to switch warlike toys (little plastic guns and the like), for peaceful non-sexist non generic toys or games in non-gender identified colours.

Anyhow, what's wrong about a tool-set for girls? A pink one, obviously.

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