Saturday, January 10, 2015


Strange Food

An article about Mojácar food in España Fascinante, tells of  el cuscús, los gurullos, la morcilla mojaqueña, el ajo colorao, los guisos de pelotas, el caldo de pimentón, las migas and los arroces caldosos. For fish, there's el gallo pedro, los espetones de sardinas or jureles, los calamares a la plancha or a la romana, los boquerones rebozados or en vinagre, los salmonetes, la sepia en salsa, el pulpo a la vinagreta and la exquisita gamba de Garrucha.
Sounds mouthwatering.
In reality, we have many more curry houses than ajo colorao stands, More English diners, French eateries, Mexican, Chinese, Belgian, Greek, Argentinian, Irish, German, American-Cowboy, Italian, Thai and Romanian restaurants, Madrid and Catalonian joints, Valencian paellas, pizzas and greasy spoons, all turning out a varied and delicious menu, but being all run by outsiders, they don't count.
What a strange town, over half of us are foreigners, yet we are treated with the same policy as the Visigoths: Completely written out of the script.
After all, have you ever eaten a bowl of guisos de pelotas?

when is that wonderful Sinaloa re opening ?
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