Wednesday, January 14, 2015

San José, with the Beachwalkers

A short visit to the large beach beyond San José, on the Cabo de Gata (which translates into English as 'The Cape of Rest-Harrow Cammock', according to my South American dictionary, which also reluctantly admits that a gata could be a madrileña or even just a cat).
The road is a track, with several prominent no-parking signs. It runs straight and determinedly a few hundred metres from the sea, accompanied by flowering century plants and a large plantation of chumbo, prickly pear, still free from the plague that is besetting most of the province of Almería. In winter, there are few visitors around, beyond a modest clump of German campers (er, visitors, campers aren't allowed) in the parking area. A short walk down from the cars took us to the magnificent bay of the Playa de Los Genoveses: the Genoese Beach. Obviously.
The fine sandy beach was almost empty, with just a sprinkle of walkers with their dogs, some wading birds who ignored us with the aplomb granted to all locals while being plagued by tourists, and over in the far pools, some anemone, sea-urchins and hermit crabs. Peaceful and quiet with the sea as calm as the shore.
Back in San José, a lunch with some Spanish friends, salad, beer and an alarming dearth of olive oil and bread. We made some disparaging jokes about the voracity of the visitors after a refreshing walk along the shores of the beautiful beaches that surround this resort. I would guess: don't come in the summertime, or if you do - bring your own aceite.

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