Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Indala

The Indalo is the old totem from Mojácar. Forget about all that stuff from the Cueva de los Letreros up towards Vélez Blanco, the little fellow is a local protection against the elements and sometimes bringer of good luck. He used to be known here as the hombrecillo mojaquero and was painted above the doorways as a charm. Worked a treat, with his protective bóveda which keeps us from harm's way.
Only problem is, of course, that the Indalo is really an Indala.
In olden times, the Gods ran the violent side of things - storms, thunder, lightening, war - and the Goddesses were in charge of shelter, warmth, agriculture, sex and re-birth. They protected us from the elements.
You will note that our little figure is standing in a certain way that denotes Woman.
Her legs are open.
The Indala, bless her, is a female.

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