Friday, October 18, 2013

El Indálico

There's finally a proper news medium written in Spanish for Mojácar and the area, a natural successor to El Indálico, the monthly newspaper that ran locally from 2002 until the crisis and the cost of newsprint became too much to bear in 2009.

Keeping the name, Ángel Medina, Lenox Napier, Félix Ortiz, Simón Gallardo and other writers and participants are proud to introduce:

This independent website is updated daily with new and interesting items (no filler, no trash) and is already attracting a wide readership. The subscribers of the earlier newspaper edition are all receiving notice of the web-page and the daily visitors are expanding rapidly.

Advertising on a web-page, especially a well-visited one, makes a lot of sense. Obviously, it's far cheaper than a newspaper to make and it's current, correctable and widely-seen. The monthly rates are as follows (remember, the site is in Spanish, and thus has mainly Spanish readers, although some material in English is being uploaded):
Classified adverts (up to 20 words) 2 euros per month
Commercial Guide (Guía Comercial) 7 euros per month
Front Page 'box' with incorporated link just 30 euros per month

Contact: (in Spanish)
(in English)

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