Monday, January 16, 2012


The Underground Car-park

Mojácar is quiet these days - as in 'there's no one open and no one comes to visit' rather than 'it's quiet'. Ever morning, the bangbangbang of the drills wakes up the neighbours at an early hour. The dust rises and the trucks come in and out. This underground car-park for just 37 cars will cost over 1,5 million euros and oblige the pedestrian village to have a drive-through lane past the church. The whole thing should be ready before June's Moors and Christians festival.

There is no such thing as free parking. What a complete waste of time and resources.
Only €40,540 per car parking space. Oh, and possibly damage the old church foundations!
Who wants this?
It is unbearable....8am til 8pm Monday to saturday with 1 hour break at lunch from 2-3. It actually makes one depressed...What a waste of time, money and space!
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