Monday, January 30, 2012

Madrid Olympics

Not sure about the latest campaign for Madrid to hold the Olympics - this time in 2020 (or is it 20020, and why spell Madríd with an accent?). Or is an 'M20' that we read here? Madrid campaigned for the 2012, the 2016 and now, the city is back again with more. How much have they spent in their various efforts to date?

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Keefieboy said...

Definitely 20020! I don't share your slightly veiled 'we can't afford this' attitude. Events like the Olympics, yes, they cost a bit to stage, and that money usually has to be fronted by taxpayers. But if the revenue side is handled correctly (see what I did there? I just side-swiped everybody who's going to comment about how much money Xville or Ytown Olympics lost), it's a stupendous opportunity/reason for the host city to clean itself up, build lots of new stuff and generally have a great time.