Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Queue

There's a graffiti outside the Centro de Extranjería in Murcia, the place where, from nine to three, five days a week, scared or patient or bored foreigners must queue for hours in the hope of getting their work or residence papers. It says 'burocracy or apartheid?'.
Oddly, the pintada has been there for at least five years, the time I've been going past to get to the train station.
Either the ayuntamiento de Murcia is very lax about painting over the scrawl... or perhaps they agree with the sentiment.
Being a European with my passport and absurd A4 - ever since the Ministerio del Interior took away our 'tarjetas de residencia' (I'd been a resident in Spain for 40 years - alas no longer!) - I sympathise with the poor North Africans and South Americans as they patiently wait in line. Reading the graffiti.

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