Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Entertainer Online

You probably know my main webpage - The Entertainer Online - which covers local news and comment (I live in Mojácar, Spain), national news, plus a good list of local (non-commercial) links and some other material. The name 'The Entertainer' may be a bit odd, but I'm stuck with it slightly as the original 'Entertainer' was a local English-language newspaper produced by me which started back in 1985, exactly 25 years ago. It ran until I was obliged to sell it on a surprise three-year option in 1999 which the 'buyers' (until then, trusted staffers of mine) never respected - changing the name instead to 'The Euro Weekly' when the time to pay fell due and now - worse still - attempting to sue me for saying what sort of people they are. Spain being what it is, the judicial system can be a little eccentric, so the outcome could go either way (they've got expensive lawyers on their side, I've got the truth on mine).
So, money has understandably been short. I know, just another sob-story. There are lots of them in Spain.
Anyhow, that's all by the bye. The reason I'm writing is, the webpage has been down for a couple of days, after heavy electrical storms in the country where the server is. It should be back up today. Hope you like it!

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Lenox said...

It's now back up and running on a stronger server.