Sunday, September 20, 2009

Scare Tactics

There is a story today in El Mundo about the reporter who smuggled a gun on board a ferry to Ibiza. He had it stuck under the seat of his car and he got away with it.
Proving that the security is not up to scratch and that any mad bomb-wielding fiend or ETA hoodlum could do the same. There is nothing for it, says the shocked and scandalized reading public... all cars must now be searched!
This type of crap journalism is part of the justification for more rules, searches, outrages and irritations, together with new departments, gadgets and tax-money to pay for them.
Oh, but what if... cry the bourgoisie as they cower behind their wheels, I've got it so good and I don't want to lose it all...
The press returns to the attack. A journalist got a job working in a secret factory, or tested the fecal content of a meat patty from a famous burger-chain or is pretending to be the Queen's footman (all revelations in tomorrow's News) or has helped initiate and organize a civil protest (see Fox's 'Revenge of the Tea-baggers'). The authorities must tighten up - we could be in danger from a commie takeover!
The Media, to fill pages or screens, has taken to making us nervous and afeared. Better stay home... and watch the news.

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Keefieboy said...

It's even more confusing than Arabic naming conventions!