Saturday, July 18, 2009

Camel Train

Well, I'm going to go with the majority on this one. Oh, look, what a good idea! Camel rides along the Rio de Aguas on Mojácar Playa... or... Are you freakin' nuts? Next thing they'll remember that Walt Disney was born here and have Mickey Mouse havin' at ya.
The camel caravans - seven in a nose to tail lope around the beach, with two nice gentlemen from North Africa - is the brainchild of Ursula, a German veterinarian who has been working the dromedaries in Lanzarote for the past few years.


brit said...

As long as they stick to the rio and don't stray onto the road.
Remember following the Noddy train a few years ago.Slow progress.
Wonder what happened to it?

Lenox said...

Swapped it for some camels?!

nigelcobb said...

Like the camels. We breed alpacas (the same family) here in Ronda

James- SEO Expert said...

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