Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Levante Almeriense

Isn't that a beaut? The map comes from about 1988 and was flashed around in the FITUR (international tourist fair) in Madrid. It shows all of our cute little villages and... oh oh, hold on... one of them is missing!
That's right, the place that is (or was when we started) the most famous destination in Almería, bigger that the province it's located in, known throughout the world for its high times, attractive pueblo, sandy beaches and jolly bars and restaurants, is unaccountably missing from the tourist map for the eastern part of the province.
Mojácar, where art thou?
Turns out, the tourist councillor from the time, fresh from having just got rid of our famous totem, the Indalo (the stick man holding a rainbow), by allowing the provincial tourist board to adopt it, also decided that our town would not go in with its share of the printing for the above leaflet. So, we got left out.
Which is why, Dear Reader, you can't leave important things like promoting one's tourist resort, to idiots!

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Hi Lenox

Shouldn't Heurcal Overa be somewhere else as well?