Saturday, June 07, 2008

Civilization III

When things go bad – rather than face the crisis, I like to settle down for an agreeable moment in front of the computer; to conquer the world.
It’s a game which takes several months to play. You start with a tiny pueblo and a chap with a pickaxe and you slowly go out exploring, meeting (raping and conquering) the neighbours. It’s called Civilization III (Number II is a bit infra dig and Number IV is a bit too busy to be enjoyable).
I've sometimes tried other computer games. I have to say that I don't like any of them. It has to be Sid Meier's CIV III.
So now my secret is out. Things go wrong in the office; I’ll come home and put another civilization to the sword. Yes, I know: pathetic.
Unfortunately, the CD has been working too hard recently and no longer loads. You might say that it has ‘risen up’ against its master.
So, as I tear out my hair in clumps, I wonder – does anyone out there have a copy?


David Jackson said...

I love that game. Keeps me quiet for hours.
You can get a copy off amazon for as little as 1.09 GBP->

Also expansion packs, etc. Otherwise, see if any of the local DVD rental stores has a DVD cleaner machine, which might be able to remove the scratching from the surface of the disk.

Lenox said...

Hi David - once the strike is over... I'll send away for a copy.
I'll take Australia...

Julian said...

There's already Civilization IV. But I prefer III.

Lenox said...

I was just reading in El Mundo - there's Civ 5 as well. However, put me down for a '3'.

David Jackson said...

Civ V coming out soon, if not already!
Lenox, if it stops you going on about it, I'll sub you the quid to buy a copy :)