Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tourist Day

Today is the International Day of Tourism. Spain is, I think, the second tourist destination worldwide with over 55 million tourists wandering up and down the beach buying souvenirs, drinks and t-shirts. There are also a number of ex-tourists, now full-time residents in Spain who are buying houses, cars, furniture, televisions, food, clothing and coach-trips to Ronda. They pay taxes, buy gas, go to the dentist, use a plumber, see an occulist, etc, all year long. There are probably over a million and a half of them. There are foreigners here to do the ooffey jobs, the cleaners, the workers in the plastic farms, the trash collectors, the navvies and so on. Several million of them. Spain is a country with an admitted ten per cent of foreigners (probably fifteen in reality). Hotels, homes, campsites, renovated farmhouses, apartments, mansions and urbanisations built for the foreigners have brought untold wealth to this country.
Today is Tourism Day - the nearest thing we are going to get to 'Foreigners' Day'.
What's your town doing to celebrate?

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He has, also, translated into Portuguese the Wealth of Mations by Adam Smith.

He has been awarded several prizes.

Don't forget the name of this great author, you'll be hearing of him soon.

Thank you for spending time in Universal Culture.

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