Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A couple of Parties Selected from Wikipedia

There are now 3,099 political parties in Spain, with 30 new parties being registered every day last month. This means there is now one for every 10,000 inhabitants.

Here's a couple of them (taken from

Citizens for Blank Votes (Ciudadanos En Blanco) is a Spanish political party.
In Spanish electoral law, a distinction is made between valid votes, blank votes (votos en blanco) and null votes. Blank votes are interpreted as correctly executed votes for "none of the above", and consistently about 2% of votes are blank. Voting "blank" is not the same thing as abstaining, and so it has been argued that blank votes should be recognized as legitimate by apportioning empty seats in representative bodies according to the number of blank votes. Abstainers, the argument continues, exclude themselves from the democratic process and so need not be recognized in this way.The platform of Ciudadanos En Blanco is that, if elected, their candidates will leave their seats vacant, until such time as the Spanish electoral law is reformed to recognize blank votes in the manner described above. At that point, the party will have no more reason to exist.

The Overwhelmed and Annoyed Citizens (Ciudadanos Agobiados y Cabreados) is an extraparliamentary Spanish political party.
They are principally annoyed at the justice system in Spain.
Not to mention overwhelmed.

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