Friday, March 16, 2007

Bah Humbug

So why would the increasingly soviet government of Zapatero push through its ‘most important piece of legislation’ just now, after two years of running the country? The legislation in question is to give women equal rights (very laudable). However, to produce this new set of rules just now, just before the local elections of May 27th, when one of the points is that women should hold at least 40% of the list of every and any party. That's cynical.
Wonderful, say the women, who will immediately award a gold star to the socialists.
It’s only fair, say the men, who will give a silver star to the socialists.
In fact, it’s absurd. The voter will vote according to his conviction. A party without any women candidates won’t receive much support from the general public - anywhere in the Christian world.
To manipulate the very voting process is vile and disgraceful. A group will select the best and most qualified people they can – regardless of sex.
Hey Mr Zap, what about women priests or female Masons? How about female footballers (forty per cent of Real Madrid would be nice). Are you going to move against them as well?
There is an answer to those political groups who had prepared ahead of this idiotic new law and are a bit top heavy with the men – you can now declare yourself a woman without a ‘snip’ or indeed a psychologist.
Yes, in soviet Spain, that’s a perfectly legal solution.

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