Friday, December 01, 2006


The POTA - Andalucia's new building rule

Builders, politicians and bankers are not happy. The latest rules regarding building homes in the province of Almeria, an order known as the POTA originating in the Junta de Andalucía, make for depressing reading. The POTA is the territorial plan for infrastructure and homes in the province, a kind of super-PGOU or General Plan. In Mojacar, for example, the Seville government would allow (according to calculations from the provincial builders association) just 76 new homes per year. Other towns are equally grim: Albox 141, Bedar 10, Cuevas 144, Los Gallardos 36, Lubrin 21, Turre 36 and Zurgena 29. Currently, building runs at around four times these numbers. This new order would produce several reactions, apart from the immediate job-loss (between 15,000 and 18,000 province-wide). Prices for new homes would sky-rocket and builders would be obliged to resort to extreme tactics to get planning permissions. Town halls, which live in part due to building licences,would have to raise their tax rates spectacularly. Furthermore, due to another rule from the Junta de Andalucía, 30% of those homes built must be VPO (price controlled council houses).

Can you point me at the Junta's web page link for this info, I'm curious to see how many new houses will be allowed in Casares?
This comes from the Almeria building association. The POTA figures the number of inhabitants, then allows a 40% increase (translated into 'viviendas') in that number over 4 years. Plus, 30% of the viviendas built must be VPO's (cheap subsidised builds).

So 1000 people in 400 homes would be an extra 40% thus 100 homes divided in 4 years, or 25 homes per year...

The Junta is slightly backtracking on this now...
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