Sunday, March 19, 2006

Recommended websites about Spain

The Entertainer Online at Updated daily.
The New Entertainer (monthly newspaper)
El Indalico at you'll find a Mojácar webcam here as well.
Sur in English and Valencia Life
The Costa Press Club (which kindly made me an Honorary Member recently).
*A good site for general Almeria information and with an extensive message-board is at, another full service site is at Viva Almeria
*An eccentric interactive site for Madrid (in specific) and Spain in general, is Jeremy's Multimadrid at
*The most complete (and impartial) site available on Spanish news, information and events is, without doubt, Typically Spanish
A complete site for visitors is Then there is EuroResidentes (in various languages), a full site, at and the useful SpainExpat at
Gibraltar news is covered by David Eade’s
A full site for Galicia visitors and friends is Galicia Guide at
Barcelona Reporter covers Catalonia at
Locally, Roquetas de Mar has a three-language site at
and Mojacar’s Tourist office is at

Ciudadanos Europeos, with good information for residents on laws, taxes, politics and so on, presented in English, go to For help on land-grabs and the Ley de Ordenación de Territorio (LRAU or LUV in Valenciano), go to Abusos Urbanisticos No! at The British Expats Association (Spain) for all your paperwork woes at Neighbourhood Watch (!!) is here at and, for those worried about their investments, there is The Costa Action Group at

There is news and comment from The Spain Herald at (right-wing). The Expat Blog Directory at has a full list of blogs worldwide and a forum written by extranjeros.
There are all kinds of blogs around, try some of the following: Per Svensson and his blog, Periscope, at For funny comment on Spain, go to Sal de Traglia’s Virtual Tapas Bar at Thoughts From Galicia is a well-written commentary on Spain at Scribbles from Tenerife is fun – at and El Casareño Ingles comes from the Costa del Sol at A Wandering Woman Writes from Spain (from Salamanca) at Another amusing and stimulating one, this time from Barcelona, is Guirilandia (a joke on foreigners-ville) at, and from Madrid, the always well-written Spanish Cockpit at
*Locally, environmentalists should check
*A (slightly spurious) site called El Mirador has some tasteful photos of the Mojacar area, plus a few the tourist department probably wouldn’t care to print (no update recently).
*For your spiritual health, go to
*Barbara’s Animo – Animal Assisted Therapy – is at
*A good pan-European blog is A Fistful of Euros at

...always glad to hear about other sites...


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