Friday, February 24, 2006

Mojácar's Ten Parties. That's Democracy!

There was one town that produced ten parties in the 2003 local elections - a fairly large town in Cadiz (Sanlucar de Barameda). Three or perhaps four being the more usual number.
Mojácar managed nine (PP, PSOE, IU, ASIZ, GIAL, PA, NGM, Mojacar 2000 and PSA - the last two not getting any councillors) and, with the (inevitable) coup d'étât held in 2005 (the four parties in power were dislodged after one member of the PA was persuaded to 'cross the floor' and seek his fortune elsewhere), we now have the curious mixture of 2 socialist PSOE (not supported by their own party secretariat) running the town hall and supported by 4 PP conservatives (the leader of which had earlier been in the PSOE and was instrumental in another coup) plus, of course, the turncoat ('transfuga') now in the 'non-aligned' or Grupo Mixto party. Which makes ten.
Meanwhile, one of the PP has died, and the ex-mayor (ASIZ communist, allied with the Right Wing GIAL, the NGM and the nationalist PA), right after announcing he was joining the PSA... has been forced through ill health to abandon politics.
So now the PSOE mayor (supported by the PP, although the pact has not received support from the Almerian PP - understandably) is coming up to a year in power. There's one final year to go in this legislature and, one can't help but wonder...
Will the PP leader be given her chance to be mayoress?

Certainly, few of the above worthies will have much more active politics left in their futures... One can only hope they have other plans...

What will happen, too, when the foreigners decide to vote conscientiously? In Mojacar, better than half the potential voters in the local 2007 elections will be British residents. Assuming the padrón (from which comes the voting list) isn't re-examined...
Say again, what will happen if the Rumanians get the vote?

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