Sunday, February 26, 2006


Title and article removed by Court Order!


Barbara said...

The more people that know about these fraudsters the better!

James Baker said...

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Daniel said...


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SERGIO said...

Hi Lenox

How these people get away with it! What kind of world do we live in? While the law is out there scratching their backsides - and making considerable sums of money as cases meander through sleepy courts - real people are suffering. I have always thought the world is all about sleight of hand, illusion and fraud, you've now convinced me of that.

Williamethan said...

I was wondering how my neighbour could save a fortune on her credit cards. Now I too have the secret.

loubielou74 said...

As a previous employee/victim I'm not surprised by anything. But Mr Napier's comments always make me feel a little bit better about the money I am owed.