Thursday, February 23, 2017

How Many Foreigners? Who Cares?

No one knows how many Brits live in Europe. Perhaps because we don't have any representation - either with a voice in London or in Brussels. This makes us second-class Europeans (third-class foreigners when the UK finally pulls the plug). How many are we? No one knows, because no one cares. Here in Spain, the number of Brits is figured by a voluntary registration in the town halls (called the 'padrón'). This gives our number at an anal 253,928 (INE statistics office January 2016). But many don't register (and some, if they leave the country, don't remove their names). As above - no one knows because we are not worth the trouble. We need a champion!
Since I have the INE page open, here's some other information:
Almería Brits (Jan 2016): 14,344
Total Almería foreigners: 137,507
Total foreigners Spain: 4,601,272.
The largest groups seem to be Romanian 715,136
Chinese: 199,961
Ecuadoreans: Internet broke down (Thanks Movistar)
Moroccans: 753,425

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