Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Residents, Residence.

There aren't that many bars open outside of Tourist Season, as if we must live in the shadow of this blight - 'Disney World' for a couple of months (me dressed as Pluto) and then 'Disney World Shut (Come Back Next Season)' for the rest of the year. Now with the official number of inhabitants of Mojácar down by 20% (the padrón falls from 8,360 in 2013 to just 6,838 on December 31st 2014 in what I am told by the Mayoress is an adjustment), perhaps we should spend some energy on re-population. Bring in some Murcians, as Queen Isabela did in 1486 when she defeated the old town. Or some more wealthy foreigners. How about a budget to bring back the fortunes of Mojácar? A campaign to attract settlers? It's all right, we promise not to vote... or ask for jobs, or representation, or an integrated community.
The picture comes from La Taberna, a great tapa bar in Mojácar Pueblo, under the old Moorish Gate.

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