Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Hotel, My Friends, is Legal!

The ecologists were sat round a fire, trying to open a tin of beans with a corkscrew. 'The Hotel Algarrobico is Legal', shouted one of them, holding a piece of newspaper that had blown in from a nearby building site they had successfully stopped last year. The building licence granted in 2003 for the ghastly twenty storey hotel was kosher, rules the Supreme Court. Now, of course, the builders can sue both the Andalucian Government and the environmentalists for interference, trespass, work stoppage and degrading the gigantic building. Should be a nice sum of money, says an eco-warrior uneasily to another, covered inexplicably with baked beans and nursing a bleeding thumb.
So will the promoters finish the hotel, sell it to the Swedes, or turn it into an old people's home, as suggested by the local mayor?
I know, they could give the penthouse suite to Helen and Len Prior!
Later: the plot thickens once again, as on Wednesday 6th August, the Junta announces that it has expropriated the land and will knock down the excrescence that is erected on it. 

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rj said...

i thought the junta will TRY to expropriate the land; or finish the process it started back in 2006. yeah, the last word isn't spoken yet, the thriller goes on....... :)