Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mojácar Correos Petition

BACKGROUND TO PETITION: In April with no more than an unsigned letter left in some boxes Correos secretively began returning mail addressed to some shared Apartado boxes. Correos gave addressees no notice that such mail had arrived, no opportunity to reclaim it and no warning that these punitive measures were in force. They demanded a further 40 plus Euros for each addressee beyond the initial box holder. Six months later Correos continue to make many mistakes and return mail of even those who have paid. No one can be sure of receiving mail in a shared Apartado in Mojacar and nor can household delivery seemingly be guaranteed.
We the undersigned roundly condemn the recent actions of Sociedad Estatal Correos y Telegrafos SA (hereinafter called Correos) in Mojacar Playa and Pueblo and we request that Correos be called to account for the unnecessary suffering and hardship it has caused over a period of six months. We consider Correos’s failure to inform customers of its intentions during renewal in January as unfair business practice; as was suddenly changing during a contractual year a process that has been followed for more than 20 years; and starting punitive new measures with no adequate warning. We further consider that by interfering with the safe delivery and care of our mail Correos as a universal postal service provider is in breach of postal laws in force in Spain and internationally for the time during which our mail is specifically under its care, above and beyond its function as supplier of its additional Apartado service.
  1. We request that Correos be ordered to issue a full apology and explanation and that it make speedy and full restitution where the authorities may deem it necessary.
  2. We further beg that the relevant authorities take the necessary measures to ensure that, insofar as is practicable, the Apartado service may be governed by the same laws as the universal and national postal sectors including, but not exclusively, collection, delivery, inviolability, discrimination, transparency of information, and the ability to make complaints, so that the rights of users of the Apartado service are never left unprotected. Should any of this not be possible it must be made clear to potential users of such service exactly where and how their rights and mail are not protected under the above laws.
  3. We beg the relevant authorities to ensure that the use of an Apartado be simply a continuum of the postal delivery service and that it in no way prejudice the rights of its users to protection under the above Laws and regulations in accordance with which undelivered mail should be held for delivery to the addressees and notices put in Apartados as would be normal with mail undelivered to other mail boxes. Our mail should not be summarily returned.
  4. We also beg the relevant authorities to look into and to discontinue the process of sorting against a list of permitted addressee names for each Apartado, as is carried out under the recently introduced system, since it puts our mail at risk in that staff clearly cannot cope with the extra workload and the idiosyncrasies of foreign and everyday non-official nomenclature. (In one day as many as 2,000 letters are still being unnecessarily returned and after six months we consider this ample proof of non-functionality.) We respectfully suggest that the greater good be considered and that a system for imposing limits and dealing with abuses under the old system (of delivering to each Apartado by its number rather than by the name of titulars) be sought and be dealt with on a case by case basis where necessary and that additionally Mojacar be accorded special treatment as a rural/developing area with a high immigrant population.
  5. The ability to receive mail is a basic human right in a civilised society and we beg the relevant authorities to ensure us this right. For many users an Apartado has up to now been the only guarantee of secure postal delivery in Mojacar, we therefore ask that street signage and numbering be speedily and thoroughly carried out so that delivery to a person’s house becomes an option. We also request that postal delivery workers be issued with full and adequate maps as many work from schematic tourist plans.
  6. We ask for a rapid solution to these problems and consider that we have been left suffering for far too long and that our complaints, to Correos in particular, have not been answered fully and given the serious attention they merit.
(Note to Petitioners: Remember even if you are not from Mojacar, there is nothing at present to stop Correos doing the same to your mail! To join our Petition please write on one line your signature, first name, surname and NIF/NIE or passport or telephone number and send to Susie Mandrake at 7 Calle Esquinica, Mojacar Pueblo, 04638 Almeria or send an email giving first name/surname/NIF or NIE or passport number AND email contact details to

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