Monday, September 02, 2013

Early Pictures from the Mines

The story of the mines in Serón (northern Almería) has been put into a book called ‘Las Menas de Serón. Fotografías de Ramón de Torres, 1915-1916. Colección fotográfica familia Cervantes-Párraga’ which will be presented in Serón on September 6th together with a photographic exhibition of around 50 pictures titled ‘Las Menas. Patrimonio minero. Las imágenes perdidas (1915-1917)’.
The photographer is interesting, as new details about him surface. According to local historian Juan Grima, the man came from the village of Bayarque, and was called Ramón de Torres Rodríguez. After a few years working locally, recording the miners and other jobs, he moved to New York in 1920, opening a studio in Manhattan and becoming well known there. He died in 1948.
The book will no doubt also be available at the Vera gas station (all useful local historical books, plus the excellent annual El Axarquía magazine are there) or at the Mojácar newspaper shop at the Fuente.
The 'El Almería' newspaper has two more pictures.  The presentation of the book and exhibition is on September 6th, from 8.00pm at the Casa de Cultura de Serón.

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parepidemos said...

To me, there is always something both fascinating and haunting about old photographs.