Monday, July 26, 2010

Unbelievable But (Maybe) True

The narrow donkey track - the one that goes up to Tito's and a few other houses in Mojácar pueblo, has been widened to fit a car as seen in this picture. The culprits are the promoters (whose crane has blighted views of Mojácar for the past three years). The plan is to have cars driving up and down this narrow ramp into a parking for the apartments being built there - even though it's on 'relleno', rubble, and looks rather dangerous.
But, how can cars turn upon themselves in a narrow one-way street, the only access to Mojácar? Well, you build a roundabout in front of Zaida and have traffic going counter-current on that section of the road. Then, of course, those cars leaving the narrow ramp, unable to see the road below them to their right at all, will have to pray that no one is coming.
Of course, we'll also lose a few parking spaces along the way...
What does the mayoress and the town hall architect think of this?
It's wonderful. Good for one promoter at the expense of an entire community.
Now that's how we do things around here.
Later: I'm told that the promoter 'misunderstood' the permission and that the Calle San Sebastian will not be open to traffic and furthermore that the town hall has threatened to put a 'no entry' sign there. Well, time will tell...
(Note - I've added the word 'Maybe' to the headline)


Claire Lloyd said...

That´s very sad.

We live in a pueblo blanco on a hill that is two-way but is only wide enough for one car and a moto to pass each other. Halfway up is a shrine to Nuestra Señora de los Santos where the locals always cross themselves - probably praying that nothing will be coming the other way.

rj said...

mmmm, would be fantastic if they wouldn't allow cars to enter. we already have same situation one street down where the turning left up into 'cuesta de la fuente' is quite an act of disturbing the flow of traffic. but, would they have let them build it and then not allow usage??? and all the garages too? quite an expensive misunderstanding!
on the other hand, the 20 or so cars not being able to disappear into those garages would just take up space on the (crowded) streets....