Friday, December 26, 2008

The Protest in Almería City

A year has passed since the Priors’ home in Vera was demolished. Since then, nothing has been done (and less accomplished). Thousands of other ‘illegal’ houses in eastern Almería are under threat from a callous administration in Seville and its offices in Almería. In the past few years, the international community resident in Spain has fallen victim to improper demolitions, arbitrary rules and implementation, property mortgage scams, ‘land grab’, property fraud, corruption and thievery. We have been repeatedly tricked by some of the region's town halls, lawyers, realtors, promoters and notaries.
Spain’s reputation is in tatters internationally because the authorities have failed to act coherently.
It’s time to make the call: the Priors will have been living in a garage without water and electricity for a year on January 9th 2009. They have been offered no compensation and no apology.
It’s time to show support and outrage.

Protest March in Almería City: January 9th 2009

The march is being organised by AULAN (Abusos Urbanísticos del Levante Almeriense - ¡No!)

The organizers, residents in the province of Almería, are holding a peaceful protest: (1) against real estate and planning corruption and insecurity and to ask for justice; (2) to ask for solutions and the protection of purchasers in good faith, some of which, are subject to the threat of demolition, and many of which do not have proper water and electricity; (3) to seek transparency and citizen participation in the regularisation process; (4) against proposed charges the Junta seeks to levy within the regularisation process, and which should be met by those responsible, and to ensure this is guaranteed in writing; (5) to ask for justice for the Prior family, victims of so-called ‘planning irregularities’, whose house was demolished a year ago, and who have not yet seen any sign of redress.

The route will take us to the offices of the Junta de Andalucía’s representatives in Almería City. The march begins at the Puerta de Puchena, will go past the Edificio de la Diputación (Almería County Council) to continue to the Oficina del Subdelegado Provincial de la Junta de Andalucía where speeches (in both Spanish and English) will be made and a note handed to the provincial representative of the Junta de Andalucía, Luís Caparros.

The march has all necessary permissions from the Almería police and town hall.

Thank you for the support of the following citizens movements: AVEP, AULAN, AUAN, AUN, LSOS, Ciudadanos Europeos.

Contact: AULAN secretary ASAP at or phone 950 069 558.

I have been in a few protests in Mojacar, Vera and so on... and it seems that they can have an impact, but it should be clear that a proper 'do' in Almería City should cause some reaction from the authorities, including perhaps a spotlight on the Junta de Andalucia's disgraceful behaviour and lack of concern towards the most basic rights (in the Spanish Constitution) for a decent dwelling.
This has to be a chance to turn things around - important for our community and also for the Spanish, who rely in the small towns of the various coastal provinces on the Northern Europeans to bring in money every month from abroad, to help keep local businesses working and to provide jobs.
It really is worth coming along for this march. Things could just get a bit better with all of our help.
Please drop the 'we're all guests in this country' stuff for one day and try and do something useful and positive!


Justin Roberts said...

Good luck. I wish I could attend. And as for the guest business, any EU national has as much right to live here as any Spaniard.

mark said...

Just a (rather belated) note to say - keep up the good work! I won't be in Mojacar on Jan 9th unfortunately - just here for a few days over the new year making sure that the holiday home is still standing. Have enjoyed reading your stuff over the years -possibly the only intelligent 'British-ish' person writing in the Mojacar area. My own pathetic stuff is at and also

Much respect, as they say!


Mark Beasley

Lenox said...

Thanks both for your support: Thanks to Mark for following my stuff - I've linked your site about Mojácar and history on the Entertainer links.