Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Record Books

Ah - Mojácar. Always different.
The politics here are different as well.
Take the 2003 elections. Out of an electorate of 2500 voters, we had nine parties to choose between. Thirteen seats and nine different parties. It could only end in tears.
And so it proved. Currently, at the dog end of the legislature... and four years down the line... we have ended up with just six councillors in the ayuntamiento of which - lemme see - all six of them are considered 'transfugas' or 'deserters' by their respective ex-parties. Yep, we have an entire government representing precisely nobody.
But wait, there's more.
I'm working in a political group which will hopefully bring in the forasteros and extranjeros into local politics. It's called Ciudadanos Europeos de Mojácar. See the website. Now, together with the CEM, these are the following groups and parties.

CEM Angel Medina and me as 'number two'.
PP with Rosmari Cano
GIAL Diego García
Partido Andalucista with Diego Marullo
PSOE briefly with Beatriz Gomez - now to be led by Beatriz' son Felipe
Asamblea de Izquierdas with Carlos Cervantes
Partido Democratico de Mojácar (a catch-all party of transfugas)
Partido Independiente de Mojácar with Maati (town hall weenie)
Partido Socialista de Andalucía (Pedro Suarez from the swimming pool shop)
Mojácar Nueva with Enrique the Eccentric
Partido de Almería with Diego the Petrol Station.
Izquierda Unida with Patxi Rubio.
Partido del Levante Sostenible (comes from Levante sin Cables) with José Luis Artero (the non-aligned councillor who famously brought down the Carlos Cervantes government two years ago) .

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