Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

The parties are now ready for your support and your votes. In Mojácar, according to the Boletin Oficial de la Provincia, there are thirteen.
Remember, when looking at a party under these conditions, concentrate on the top names on each party's list. No one in Mojácar can be reasonably expected to make it into the government if his name is sloshing around the bottom. Such a person might garner a few votes for the party, but clearly they are just foot-soldiers there for the top names on the party list.
You can scroll down to an earlier post regarding the Mojácar parties.
I'll add here that Mojacar Nueva has the most foreigners (practically the whole list), but with two in the top four names. Most of the full list is mono-lingual in English.
Ciudadanos Europeos de Mojácar also has two foreigners in the top four (me and Jenny Hayes at numbers two and three), and four more later on...
Levante Sostenible has one (Astrid the Veterinaria at nº 3). The Partido Popular has Albert Werner at nº 4. The PAL has one at nº 4, and the GIAL has Wieland Eckler at nº 3.
Other parties have the odd foreigner at the waaay back, including PSA (one at 12) and the PA has two at 8 and 9. The PSOE has none at all.
Whether 'foreigners' - that is non-Spanish Europeans - are the way forward or not, it seems clear that a town hall with 135 workers in it where not one of them speaks English, in a town where half the population only speaks English, is certainly not the way forward. European candidates need to be bi-lingual and have a full understanding of Spanish issues, society and so on. I hope that can be said of all of our European candidates


red0nda said...

Agree totally. It is important for people to realise the importance of the numbered positions.
I wish you well in your efforts.

red0nda said...

Wow I thought we had a lot with 4 party lists! 13 Obviously I concur with your comments about the positions and it is important for people to realise that.